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The Background

The changes of the technology advancement on IT world has giving the significant impact to our Control System and Automation Control environment (Industrial Control System – ICS). The RISK and THREATS of heritage IT platform that being used in ICS environment will be one of the most crucial things to be considered to ensure the reliability performance of the ICS itself.

Seeing the DCS, SIS, SCADA, PLC, DMZ and Flow Computer from different perspective that closely related to their operations philosophy, cyber security perspective, that will give broader view and strengthen the knowledge on how we can ensure the business operations sustainability by ensuring the Security of ICS environment

The Course Goals

This course cover the fundamental of IT security engineering combined with ICS engineering as the basic approach. The familiarization of cyber security engineering combined with case study analysis and real case example. At the top level materials, the cyber security management system as the core philosophy of having secure ICS environment will give deeper understanding on ICS security in the integrated approach. Workshop lab session will be held to strengthen the applicable skills and knowledge by practicing the fundamental of Risk Assessment, Fundamental of Vulnerability Assessment, System Security Assessment, and analyze the security report in order to develop the security strategy program.

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Time Schedule

5 Days Intensive Course

Monday - Friday


Bandung (Aston Tropicana Cihampelas)* | Singapore (Marina Bay Sands Hotel) | Bali (Aston Kuta Hotel and Residence) | Jakarta (Aston Rasuna Jakarta) | Yogyakarta (Grand Aston Hotel)

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Training Method

The concept of the training is designed to ensure the delivery of the contents that will be suitable for senior professionals in DCS. SIS. SCADA. PLC and Flow Computer engineering to allow the participants to implement the knowledge in the real case after training completion.

Integrated Curriculum

Enhanced materials to cover the updated security in IT and ICS, more advance security workshop sessions to equip the participants with hands-on skills, and case study workshop to give deeper understanding regarding the ICS security assessment framework.

More Information

For more detail training syllabus, including price and term condition, please review the detail syllabus on the following link: