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ICS Security Assessment

Why ICS Security Audit and Assessment is IMPORTANT

Periodic audit and system assessment is required to ensure the compliance and sustainability of the system, with the reference to the standard.

Where to START?

Getting know the SWOT

Know our SWOT, Develop the best strategy to enhance the Strength, Enhance system to reduce Weaknesses, Explore more about Opportunity, and Face the Threats with confidence

The Challenges

SWOT analysis in ICS Security Assurance can be derived from several integrated methods. It is the combination between (at least) Risk Assessment and Security Assessment. The result of the Risk Security Posture and Security Assessment Report are the SWOT itself. The challenge is how to have a proper SWOT analysis by using proper method, conducted by proper people, and refer to proper standard?

ICS Security SWOT Sample

ICS Security Compliance

The deviation from the standard should be marked as a gap, and it should be actioned to be closed out. Any critical finding during the audit and system assessment should be documented, the close out action item should be strategized, with proper timeline of target achievement

Comprehensive ICS Security Assessment

A comprehensive ICS security assessment is a best way to getting more understanding on what is our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). By knowing these aspects, we can develop the best strategy for cyber security assurance in the ICS environment.

Gain Advantage from The Audit & Assessment

The main purpose of the audit & assessment is to give security posture to the auditee regarding the current system status that being compared to the standard. PASS result does not mean the system is 100% secure, while FAIL result does not mean to shut down the business. At the end, this process should be perceived as the way to improve the system

Get Assessed Now

Integrated Assessment

We provide an integrated Audit and System Assessment to cover all critical aspects in ICS security assurance, such as account management, access management, network management (including L3/L4 interconnection framework), emergency response management, data management,etc. that will deeply explore the SWOT and security posture of current ICS environment

Industrial Standards and Best Practices References

CSET 7.0 (or the latest) will be used as the audit framework against NIST SP 800-82 Rev.2 (or using custom Cyber Security Framework to capture company requirements). Each activities in ICS security audit is based on industrial standard and free from vendor/OEM proprietary content, since the ICS security assurance should be enforced in timely manner independently (no dependency on specific vendor/OEM)

ICS Cyber Security Management System Platform

With deep assessment including Asset Management, Access Management, Data Management, Network Management, Risk Management and Emergency Response Management as the on top layer of CSET 7 framework to provide complete and integrated security assessment as the basis of having the next strategic implementation

Complete Report of Security Posture

The Final Report development will cover integrated and complete coverage to cover the whole assessment activities. The final report act as the master document (it will combine the Asset Management, Risk Management and Security Assessment activities, findings, recommendations and solution) that can be used for the next strategic action regarding ICS security compliance (Implementation and Sustainability Stage in ICS Security Assurance Lifecycle).

ICS Cyber Security Management System Framework

The ICS security assessment is a critical path of having ICS security assurance in the assessed ICS environment. The method and Body of Knowledge of doing the assessment will drive the optimalization of the assessment result.

By using ICS Cyber Security Management System framework (Fedco’s proprietary framework) as the umbrella of doing ICS security assessment, it is expected that the final security posture result will be optimal and determine the best strategic action & implementation milestones

The Framework

  • Access Management
  • Asset Management
  • Data Management
  • Emergency Response Management
  • Network Management
  • Risk Management

More Consultation

ICS Security Assessment is one of our core competence – Contact us for more information and consultation. Sharing session will be another option for those who has willingness to know more regarding ICS security, before deciding go or no go