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ICS Security On-Site Training

The On-Site Format of ICS Security Training

After successfully held the Industrial Control System (ICS) offsite training for several batches, now we are moving forward to provide the onsite training format of ICS Security Training Series. This onsite training is intended to provide more flexible timing window for the interested professionals at site environment. The budget saving and time efficiency either for the company and professionals can also be achieved by held this onsite training format.

25% Save for Each Participant

We offer 25% discount on every available courses that being offered on this onsite training format


The Client should notify us at minimum 3 weeks prior to the proposed training schedule. The approved training slot will then be confirmed after our schedule finalisation based on this proposed time frame


At client location (onsite), it can be either in onshore based or offshore based or in office situated location based on client’s request

Available Courses for Enrollment

The ICS Security Training courses that being offered in onsite training format are as per the following:

1. ICS Cyber Security Management System (min. 3 participants)

2. ICS Security Architecture and Network Management (min. 3 participants)

3. ICS Security Controls and Risk Management (min. 3 participants)

Client Provided Items

Client should provide a training room with standard supporting tools (e.g. tables, chairs, head projector and screen, whiteboard/drawing board, internet connection for lab session, etc.). Client also should cover the transportation and accommodation for the trainer during the training period (the transportation is covered from the closest public airport to the trainer residency to site location and vice versa)

In-House Training Style

Client is allowed to propose the suggested adjustment on the training material to match with internal requirement but with the final content will be under the right of our policy. There is some training content that compulsory to be delivered and there is some content that can be aligned with the specific client request. Please notify us at minimum 3 weeks prior to arrange the onsite training with special content adjustment

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