ICS-CS LinkedIn Group

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ICS-CS Group

This group is dedicated as a forum for professional engineers, analysts, designers, executives and students that have correlation with Instruments/Process Control System (including DCS, SIS and PLC)/SCADA/Advance Process Control/IT/Measurement engineering to be able to share, learn, discuss and educate each other in order to achieve and maintain the secure environment and reliable performance in our respective ICS environment.

The topics discussion in this group is expected to be strongly related to Industrial Control System Cyber Security (ICS-CS), including (but not limited to) ICS Risk Assessment, Network Management in ICS and IT interface gateway, Emergency Response Management (BCP, DRP, Strategy development), Asset Characterization and Criticality Assessment, Account and Password Management (including Firecall Management), Management of Change, System Update and Upgrade (Antivirus, security and OS patches), Technology Evaluation and Implementation in ICS environment, Obsolescence Issue, Ownership and Custodianship, Sustainability, Stewardship, Audit & Feedback and Continuous Improvement.
Build the strong relations between all participants that come from different background in Oil & Gas industry, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Principle company and any other professionals from the other industries segments.