ICS Cyber Security Assurance Course

ICS Cyber Security Assurance - Integrated Course


ICS Cyber Security Assurance is the advanced course level as the continuing education from the previous ICS/OT Cyber Security Awareness and ICS Cyber Security Management System courses. It integrates the body of knowledge from four engineering disciplines (IT, ICS, Cyber Security, and ICS Cyber Security Engineering), combined with ICS Cyber Security Audit & Assessment as the Grand Workshop integrating several activities such as Risk Assessment, Maturity Assessment (including VA and Pentest as part of the role play scheme). The Grand Workshop is using the emulated environment to bring a new learning experience as part of the professional milestone to develop the next ICS Cyber Security Professional

Fully Integrated ICS Cyber Security Course (5 Days Arrangement of Offline/Online Course)

Be The Next ICS Cyber Security Professional

3 Days Class Session

3 Days Class Session with integrated materials to blend the essentials knowledge and skills to cover the four major engineering disciplines that build the ICS Cyber Security Assurance (IT, ICS, Cyber Security and ICS Cyber Security Engineering)


2 Days LAB and WORKSHOP with DIY LAB on your computing device by using emulated software and VM to build your own assessment object, explore the TESTBED system locally (for the offline course) or remotely (for the online course, subject to the access availability), and complete the GRAND WORKSHOP by performing security assessment methodologies using Non-Intrusive Assessment (Maturity Assessment), Vulnerability Assessment (VA), and Penetration Testing (PT)

Integrated course (offline mode) + Hands-on Skills in ICS Cyber Security Assurance + Custom Case Study

USD 2,995 (Offline Course)
Course + Free Consultation + Custom Case Study (Client’s Provided Case)¬†

Designed to be delivered to one single institution per batch of training to optimize the learning experience and case study discussion. Flexible in timing based on the proposed timeline from the Client. Free consultation and assistance for any related ICS Cyber Security Assurance during training and post-training completion


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The ICS Cyber Security Assurance syllabus

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