ICS OT Cyber Security Awareness

ICS/OT Cyber Security Awareness Course


This awareness course is the starting milestone in the ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance journey. Basic course level for all staff, managers, leaders, and personnel in any Critical Infrastructure industry to leverage security awareness and to build the mindset as part of security culture development, in the ICS/OT domain

As the continuing education milestone, the next course titled “ICS Cyber Security Management System” and “ICS Cyber Security Assurance” will be the recommended courses for your next journey in ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance milestone

1 Day ICS/OT Cyber Security Awareness Course (In-House - Online - Offline)

Building the ICS/OT Cyber Security culture through people development starts from here

1 Full Day Course

Covering the fundamental understanding and conceptual practice of ICS/OT Cyber Security to build people’s mindset, reshape their knowledge, and develop security culture within the ICS/OT domain

The One-Day Awareness Course Syllabus

The one-Day course as the essential step to start the ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance milestone, as and effort to ensure “Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked”

Rp. 2.995.000/participant*
*USD 295 for International Participant
Course + Free Consultation During Class Session

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