ICS/OT Cyber Security Courses – Get Ready!

ICS/OT Cyber Security Courses – Get Ready!

ics ot cyber security courses

Safety and security assurance should be positioned as part of the license to operate in any critical infrastructure industry. As human safety is a paramount goal to be achieved, while cyber security assurance is one of the fundamental layers for ensuring the safety itself.

Developing the safety and security culture in our environment requires a process, effort, time, and fund investment. People development should be the center of building this mindset, to ensure “Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked”, in other term means ensuring safety and security as an integrated part,

ICS/OT cyber security becoming the most concerning aspect in the critical infrastructure industry. The threats and vulnerabilities are the concern to be managed, to ensure the risk is accepted by the organization,

Fedco International, as the ICS/OT consultant and training provider firm, offers its latest courses in ICS/OT cyber security assurance milestones. The core courses consist of three levels (basic – awareness, intermediate – essential, and advanced – integrated courses), to help develop proper security culture, build a stronger ICS/OT cyber security team, and bring a safe and secure environment that supports the assurance of safety operations, business continuity, and security optimization,

An integrated and comprehensive courses experience starting with ICS/OT Cyber Security Awareness course as the first step of the security assurance milestone in developing proper safety and security mindset in the ICS/OT environment,

Followed by ICS/OT Cyber Security Management System as the next course to cover the intermediate depth of knowledge and practice, exploring cyber security management system in ICS/OT in its simplified way and practicable application, games & workshops in asset, risk, emergency response & maturity assessment workshop, as an integrated learning experience to prepare the participant to become the next ICS/OT Cyber Security Professional,

Last but not least, the advanced course level, titled “ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance” is the ultimate course with deeper technical coverage combined with an integrated workshop using several methodologies as a real-world practice to develop a deeper understanding and hands-on skills as an ICS/OT Cyber Security Professional,

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies mostly from oil and gas multinational companies, followed by some clients from the government agency, power generation, and other critical infrastructure industries, with various personnel backgrounds, such as IT experts, ICS/OT experts, managerial level of position, instrument control engineer/technician, etc.

Let’s start to build the mindset and develop the skills, to prepare the Critical Infrastructure Guardian, as the next ICS/OT Cyber Security Professional, to help us ensure “Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked”

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