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ICS/OT Cyber Security Integrated Courses

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SEEM (Simulate – Emulate – Explore – Manage)

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PARR (Prepare – Assess – Recommend – Report)
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4 Engineering Disciplines (IT – ICS/OT – Cybersecurity – ICS/OT Cybersecurity)

Build the Mindset, Develop the Skills

“Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked”

ICS/OT Cyber Security Courses (Basic - Intermediate - Advanced)

As the first to build ICS/OT Cyber Security mindset is through our basic course level, titled “ICS/OT Cyber Security Awareness“, aimed at all people who have interaction and responsibility related to ICS/OT environment direct or indirect.

The second level is the intermediate course level, titled “ICS/OT Cyber Security Management System“, intended as the next more technical course for technical personnel dealing with daily activities in ICS/OT environment. The participant(s) may come from an IT organization or ICS/OT organization, with several position backgrounds. Some managerial positions that ensure ICS/OT cyber security assurance as part of their responsibility also part of this course targeted participants.

The third level is the advanced course level, titled “ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance“, as the ultimate course level to combine advanced technical coverage with an integrated workshop using ICS/OT testbed and emulation environment. This course is developed to provide the thorough technical aspects of the latest ICS/OT cyber security technology, methodology, and approach in order to ensure the cyber security assurance in the Critical Infrastructure industry.

ICS/OT Cyber Security Awareness

Basic course level for all staff, managers, leaders, and personnel in any Critical Infrastructure industry as the beginning of ICS/OT Cyber Security courses milestone to leverage security awareness and to build the mindset as part of security culture development

ICS/OT Cyber Security Management System

Intermediate course level for IT and ICS/OT professionals to explore the essentials of ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance through technical materials, workshops, and hands-on practice as the foundation layer of being an ICS/OT Cyber Security professional

ICS/OT Cyber Security Assurance

Advanced course level with deeper technical coverage with an integrated workshop using several methodologies as a real-world practice to develop a deeper understanding and hands-on skills as an ICS/OT Cyber Security Professional

Our Clients

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Client's Testimonial

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The training provides knowledge and solution to meet increasing ICS complexity and going of network infrastructure

Telco Engineer,
Premier Oil Indonesia
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Very good training - ICS Cyber Security Management System

Senior Instrument Tech.,
HESS Indonesia
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Recommended material technical training for control system professional

Senior Facility Engineer – Instrument Control,
Testimonial Image

By this training I could improved my knowledge of ICS security system to support my day to day operation in the company

Head of Service – Instrument and Control System Method,
Total E&P Indonesie
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ICS security is a new subject that should be familiarized to the industrial world in order to avoid the failure in ICS production operations

I&C Engineer,
Medco E&P
Testimonial Image

Overall the training is good especially to understand about comprehensive ICS environment. Mr. Pedro Putu Wirya is very good knowledge & experience to deliver the training

Senior Staff Security and Compliance,
INPEX Corporation

FedPlant 2.0

Your ICS OT Engineering and Cyber Security Testbed

Introducing FedPlant 2.0, “Your ICS OT Engineering and Cyber Security Testbed“. FedPlant 2.0 testbed is used in “The Essential of ICS Engineering” and “ICS Cyber Security Assurance” courses. Find out more about FedPlant in the following “Explore More” button.

We are the Critical Infrastructure Guardian to ensure "Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked"

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