ICS Security Architecture and Network Management

The Next Level of Advanced ICS Security Course

The Industrial Control System (ICS) system architecture is one of the crucial point in correlation with the information security assurance. The proper system and network architecture will strengthen the end-point security framework and organisational framework to optimise the security posture and reduce the holes for the attacker (internal/external).

The secure architecture is not only cover the backbone diagram of the system interconnection but also related to the deeper configuration on the network design approach, such as the security management on the dual network via OPC communication between DCS and SIS with Router and Switch deployment as the gateway and traffic management.

The “Industrial Control System Security Architecture and Network Management” training covers the philosophy and security engineering (global and detail) of ICS environment integration through several communication platform approach. This training also cover the end-point security management philosophy and engineering that should be taken part as the integrated security assurance related to the security architecture and security controls management. Some of the main reasons why we need to ensure the secure architecture (design, engineering & implementation) and security controls in ICS environment are to provide the optimum production operations framework during the operations phase, minimise downtime due to security breach, optimise the plant performance capability, protect the people in term of safety and ensure the continues operations for the excellence business result.

Course Goals

“Develop the fundamental understanding on the security architecture of ICS environment and be able to deploy the proper security controls to ensure the security assurance is achieved”

The Training Method

Integrated method that combine the concept and practical session through the workshop and case study that designed to provide the best approach to deliver the knowledge and experience to the training participants. It is expected that after the training completion, the participants will have good understanding on the ICS network management, security architecture design, engineering in more detail aspect of implementation (networking, end-point configuration, etc.) and security controls framework for the ICS security assurance implementation and continuous improvement

More Information

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