ICS Security Viewed From Risk Management

ICS Security Viewed From Risk Management

ICS Security Viewed From Risk Management

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The risk become very threatening as in the Oil & Gas industry the human safety, environment and health (Health, Safety and Environment – HSE) aspects are the most important aspect that should be protected in every single activities of production operations. The safety impact is the paramount on top of environment and financial, where this risk exposure is not facing (in direct) as in IT environment.

It turns out the risks associated in ICS cyber security as it is not only limited to the threat of viruses, malware and hackers only (which is generally the professionals in this field would imagine), but it is the essence of the ICS security concern that beyond those three things. 

The fundamental different between ICS and common IT industry (either the banking industry or telco industry and the other industries) is the common IT industry has the financial aspects as the most important aspect of their business operations (less or even no safety impact that can be counted in normal IT operations in day-to-day activities), while in ICS the level of importance and urgency of security assurance in this environment is related to the safety as the paramount aspect of the whole business operations.


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