Industrial Control System as One of the National Security Asset

Industrial Control System as One of the National Security Asset

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Many of our colleagues still thinking that the security in ICS environment is just about virus attack from removable media, or internet downloaded files, at least this is what I feel and found,

Some of the players in this environment even don’t know regarding what is BCP and DRP, and how to implement them on their critical infrastructure. Some of them may not thinking it is necessary to spend effort to take care about the secure access to their ICS, some of them just thinking about production operations sustainability and ignore all the “add-on” security tasks,

Not sure about how the global world seeing this ICS security on their respective countries, except some countries such as US that I know they alrady have a good government contribution on ensuring ICS security within their area,
If we talking about developing country such as Indonesia, where I live, we still struggling on how to face the birocracy and educate people regarding the ICS security criticality and urgency,
Some of the obstacle is related to the people’s perspective on seeing ICS security as the matter of “seeing is believing”, if there is no incident that they never see/experience by themself, most of it will not take the security as the consideration on their organization, neither professional level or manager level,
Sooner or later, it just the matter of time until we can get all the players will have awareness and willingness to implement security aspects on their system. But I hope it can be realized before the catastrophic incident happens, and people will just realize that this is absolutely a critical thing to be protected,
On this chance, I also would like to thank you to all of you that have been participated and share valuable information/reference/discussion on this group, I really appreciate for your contribution, and hope it will be one of the channel to spread out the knowledge and share the experience across the globe on ICS-CS topic and the other related topics, for a better improvement on our respective environment,
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