Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology

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The Information Technology (IT) has revolutionising the modern living era. Starting from the Desktop PC innovation back on 1970’s with Apple and Microsoft as the two main innovator on this segment. 

By the shifting of the time, people not just want to interact locally with their computing device but also eager to have some communication to the external world, then this was the time of the Internet beginning era.

The rapid changing on the Information Technology (IT) world now has become more and more, the faster interconnectivity to the external environment, the more powerful computing devices, abundant applications to support the productivity, and now it has shifting to the cloud era.

Regardless some negative impacts that people experience by the modern Information Technology (IT) world (such as less social interaction due to the massive penetration of internet and social media and messaging into our life) but the positive contribution of IT has change the human life into the upper level of the living quality.

It is the matter of us on how to use and manage this rapid changes, either we optimise it to support our successful living experience or do the opposite way.

At the end, the world is facing its anti climax of the living environment that one of the backbone entities that support it is the modern Information Technology (IT) environment (of course including the gadget that always be with us almost all the time).


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