IT Cyber Security Professional

The Security Fundamental of IT Environment

Develop the essentials knowledge and proper skills to become the next pioneer in IT security assurance
Training Content
Computer Engineering, Network Infrastructure, Network Management, Defense-in-Depth, Cyber Security Essentials, IT Security Risk Assessment Workshop, IT Computing and Network Environment Security Assurance,
Lab Session
Targeted Participants
IT Engineer/Technician, IT System Admin/Auditor, Instrument & Control System Engineer/Technician, Network Administrator, IT System Designer, IT Supervisor, Instrument & Control Supervisor, Corporate Audit
Time Schedule
4 Days Intensive Course
Onsite or Offsite arrangement (Contact us directly for Onsite Training option)
Course Summary
4 days intensive course with full theoretical, hands-on skills and workshop to equip the participants to have minimum competency and knowledge as the IT Cyber Security professional.  The outcome of this course is to give conceptual approach based on regulating industrial standards, hands skills against daily IT security challenges and cyber security assurance capability to ensure the security assurance is achieved and maintained sustainably.
This course is designed to give more interactive exposure to the participant to provide the better learning environment, it is expected that the participant can get more worthwhile experience during the course that will help their future career as IT Cyber Security Professional.

Be The Next IT Security Professional

  • Fundamental IT Security
  • IT Security Governance
  • IT Security Risk Management
  • Hands-On Skills
  • Emulated Lab (Develop Your Own Lab)
  • Best Practice and Practicable Knowledge


More Information

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