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Broad coverage from cross platform Application Development through internet & social media engagement via Website Management and Internet Marketing campaign, and also touching the very fundamental of IT environment, the IT security

Web Dev. & Content Management

The fundamental of Internet of Things era, the website and its content management are the crucial entities that can be optimized to the full potential of business purpose. Regardless small company or the giant one, the web and content management will always be one of th channel that can be utilized to leverage the value

Cross Platform Application Development

The revolutionary IT world has bring the new era of social interaction, the integration of communication platform. The use of varies application in so many platforms, from social media to personal apps, bring the more complex interactivity from user side, especially for the developer. The cross platform apps platform will be one of the solution to integrate the smart world interface and to leverage the value of life

IT Security Services

Integrated IT security services that cover vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and security audit will be the fundamental coverage of this service line. The technical consultancy is also cover until the implementation phase (optional) in order to ensure the secure IT environment can be applied and sustained. The partial security approach is also provided as per custom.

Small to Giant - Coverage for All

IT solutions coverage is covering all type of industry and business scale. Since each client has unique requirement and solution, the customize case per case support will be the basic offering. Benchmarking, platform and standard will be used as the references but still the solution will always made by custom for each individual client

Going to Detail Solutions

Web and Content Management

The web development solution will be using CMS platform (mainly WordPress or Joomla) with custom specific design is as per request to meet the client requirement. The use of CMS like WordPress and Joomla have become preferred solutions due to web development time, design and responsive capability, SEO friendly, back-end and front-end platforms ready. The content management mainly will cover the daily web activities such as article development, posting scheduling, SEO optimization, keywords research and approach, leverage the page rank, and several detail activities in order to put the website in the top optimum level within the targeted keywords, by doing so then the business performance will be leveraged align with the increase of brand awareness and gain the revenue.

Cross Platform Application

This is the revolutionary solution in IT industry that lead varies of cross platform and multi platform application development capabilities by using the core programming framework in web environment – the HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript plus the PHP as the well known back-end engine for web platform. We provide two types of application, free apps and premium apps. The free apps will be developed as the solution to the “common” problem with full capability or limited capability (lite version), while the premium apps is the unlock potential type of apps that will be developed and sell to the market as the additional functionality to the free version or fully premium apps that will be custom as per client requirement. Basically the frameworks will always be using the three (3) core engines of web development plus PHP as the advance layer on top of those three layers. By doing this then the native mobile apps, native web apps and native desktop apps will still be fulfilled but it is developed in one single environment for all.

IT Security Services

Integrated IT security services to ensure the secure IT environment based on agreed reference, such as industrial standard ISO 27001 or company standard. The coverage is consist of three (3) main activities: vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and security audit. Each part can be performed individually as single project but with some preliminary condition and prior agreement. The use of common vulnerability assessment tools such as OpenVAS or Nessus will be the standard operations, while for the penetration testing it will depend on the result of vulnerability assessment and also based on the client needs, such as by using John the Ripper or Cain & Abel to crack the weak password vulnerability, or using the well know tools in pentest – the metasploit. For the security audit section, the common IT security compliance standard of ISO 27001 will be used as auditing standard against the actual practice – standard compliance checklist will be used for the auditing purpose.

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