IT and SCADA ICS Security Online Training

Global Online Training for IT and SCADA ICS Security Professional


Fedco provides online training method to get in touch with wider course participant candidate across the globe by using the online approach. Varies of courses are being offered through this online scheme, including IT security fundamental and ICS security fundamental courses, ICS Cyber Security Management System course, PECB Certified courses (ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Lead SCADA Security Professional), and some advanced courses in ICS security segment.



Valid for all provided online training for all courses selection. The discount is counted from the published normal rate of the off-line training. Please see the following published training price adhered to the yearly agenda, 2016 Training Price and Agenda


The Online Training is offered to Global World with no restriction of location,  except for Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional that only available for ASEAN countries, Hongkong and Japan

Online training price is included the hardcopy materials send to participant address, the training via Skype or GoToMeeting or any other preferred channel (based on participant’s request and availability), souvenir and certificate (the certification for Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional will be issued by PECB based on their assessment and participant’s exam result)

No minimum participant is required, single participant can schedule his/her own online training by proposing the preferred slot to us, and we will arrange the confirmed timing to cover the request


More Information

Please contact us for more information and schedule the online training