Process Control

Process Control

Process Control

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The Art of Controlling The Process

The process on this term means the sequence of treatment or action that being implemented to get the expected result of some product. The process should be controlled in order to have the end product result as per expectation. This is the process control basic understanding.

The control action to the process that being observed usually performed by the system. We called this system as control system or process control system. The main goal for this process control system is to govern the process to have the expected parameter regulated on its optimal performance to produce the expected end result of product.

Process can be varies, from simple process sequence to the most complex sequence such as nuclear reactor and refinery process operations. The process control should be determined based on the process that will be controlled, to achieve the optimum result and ensure the safety operations is under managed level.

Process control scheme should be in the close loop type of control which can be in the form of feedback control, cascade control, batch control or some other type of control or even the hybrid control framework.

To determine the best process control, in term of engineering and economics value, the design & engineering phase of the process control should be performed as part of the initial milestone during the project phase. The proper mapping between the field requirement to the required control system capability and capacity will drive the optimum economics value of the plant and optimal performance during the operations phase.


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