SCADA Security Training

SCADA Security Training

SCADA Security Training

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The fast growing advancement in SCADA ICS environment that lead to more integrated and seamless operations between Enterprise and Process Control environment, triggering more and more threats and vulnerabilities for the SCADA ICS. Since the risk exposure in SCADA ICS is mainly driven by Health Safety and Environment (HSE) with human fatality as the paramount risk consequence, therefore the SCADA ICS security assurance should be considered as one of the priority to be complied with.

Meanwhile the resources to cover the increasing demand on the SCADA ICS security segment is not sufficient, due to lack of knowledge and skills in the in this segmentation. Nowadays, most of the SCADA ICS security professional is come from IT security industry. They brought the mindset in IT security and deploy it in the SCADA ICS environment, without having proper understanding on the fundamental differences between those two segments, the IT security and SCADA ICS security.

Fedco, as the pioneer in SCADA ICS security consultant and training in Indonesia, and now expanding the coverage to cover middle east and ASEAN countries, providing the SCADA ICS security courses from fundamental to advanced level. Our courses are based on the actual experience and best practices, adhering to well known industrial standards, to develop the next SCADA ICS security professionals that able to ensure the SCADA ICS security assurance on their respective organization.

Following are the list of SCADA ICS security training that being provided by Fedco:

Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security Management System

Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional

Industrial Control System ICS) Security and Network Management

Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Controls and Risk Management

All of the above training list is also available in Online Training format, please refer to the following link for Online Training information:

Fedco SCADA ICS Security Online Training

For more information regarding the training, please contact us at (email) fedco[a]


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