The Essentials of Safety Instrumented System and Safety Life Cycle

Safety Now, Safety Tomorrow

The safety operations is the ultimate goal for all critical industry, especially for Oil and Gas industry (upstream and downstream). Safety is the soul that should be reside in each personnel mindset, because this is the highest achievement of the entire business operations.
The essentials of the SIS and SLC training cover the fundamental of the concept and philosophy of safety operations, safety system engineering and correlation with SIF and SIL requirement. For some related professional that has day-to-day job responsibility related to safety operations, this training is recommended to be taken as part of their professional development milestone.
Safety system and all entities that related to it are parts of the whole integrated production operations framework, all of those systems provide the ultimate goal for the production operations target, which is the safety performance.


Course Goals

“To develop good understanding and fundamental knowledge regarding the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) and Safety Life Cycle (SLC) including the safety philosophy, system engineering and safety implementation in correlation with several industrial standards”

The Training Concept

The concept of the training is designed to ensure the delivery of the contents that will be suitable for HSE engineer, process engineer, mechanical engineer, instrument and control engineer, plant operator, supervisor, maintenance technician and any other professional that willing to have good and strong understanding regarding the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) and Safety Life Cycle SLC) that will be worthwhile for their related job in correlation with safety function system and safety framework. The training also designed properly so the participants can also explore their knowledge and experience in some game sessions and case study workshops in order to practice the learning process and also to align the training class with the real working environment that will be faced after the training completion.

Safety Protection Layer

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More Information

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