Ubuntu MATE and OpenVAS

Ubuntu MATE and OpenVAS

Ubuntu MATE and OpenVAS

  • raspberry pi, ubuntu mate

Playing around with Raspberry Pi as part of the cyber security lab environment requires correct Operating System to be used. Varies option available as the Operating System for this mini computer, such as Raspbian (as the default option), Kali Linux, Ubuntu MATE and other. For this session we will use Ubuntu MATE as the option due to several considerations.

To install OpenVAS in Ubuntu MATE is not hard task to do since by default the OpenVAS package already available in Ubuntu repositories by using apt command, but the result may or may not be running well.

Here is what we have done in regards to the installation of OpenVAS in Ubuntu MATE on Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ (we also include some error that occured during installation and how to fix it). Hopefully there will be the same result if you try to install it under your own Raspbery Pi Model 3B+.

Sequence of Installation:

  1. sudo apt update
  2. sudo apt upgrade
  3. sudo apt autoremove
  4. sudo apt install openvas
  5. —- Redis may not working properly
  6. Redis server pointing at /var/run/redis/redis.sock
  7. Access to redis.sock failed, try to remove the package by sudo apt remove redis-server (openvas and openvas-scanner will also be removed)
  8. Re-install redis-server, openvas-scanner and openvas
  9. sudo apt install redis-server
  10. sudo apt install openvas-scanner
  11. sudo apt install openvas
  12. sudo apt openvas-setup
  13. Check the installation of openvas by sudo openvas-check-setup –v9 (the version that being installed is version 9)
  14. Some warning, recommendation and fix action will be informed after executing the above command
  15. If required as the fix action after performing openvas-check-setup, then do sudo openvasmd –rebuild then do again sudo openvas-check-setup –v9


If required due to redis error, then do:

  1. Take out “#” from unixsocket sintax under sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf
  2. Change /add kb_location = /var/run/redis/redis.conf under sudo nano /etc/openvas/openvasd.conf
  3. Be ready for weird things happen if it happens, that after executing the command sudo openvasd the unix socket still referring to /tmp/redis.sock but it is working properly