VA and PT in ICS Environment

An Integrated Course to cover A-Z in ICS Cyber Security Assurance

The Course Background

The course that will enlighten the thorough understanding and knowledge of ICS Cyber Security Assurance, Audit and Assessment including the concept and application of Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) in Industrial Control System (ICS) with assurance on Risk compliance

The Course Goals

This course cover the fundamental of ICS cyber security engineering mapped into ICS cyber security management system fundamental concept and its reference model as the essentials of the whole ICS cyber security assurance. Following with the exposure of the ICS cyber security audit and assessment methodology and conceptual understanding with practical exercise to ensure the applicability of learning process. The Non-Destructive Assessment as the main part of ICS cyber security assessment process will be used as the umbrella of the next activities, VA and PT.
The Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and penetration Testing (PT) activities methodology and practical execution (safety compliance assurance) are being introduced as part of Non-Destructive Assessment (NDA) process.
The massive workshop and lab case study are part of this course learning process where each participant should be able to perform proper ICS cyber security assessment process by adhering to certain methodology and platform, including the execution of VA and PT across the lab session.
This course final deliverable is the Final Report. Each participant should be able to develop this Final Report by following the proper sequential activities. Risk Register as part of Final Report will also be the main content of the exposure.
The expectation after course completion is to equip the participant with managerial level and technical level of skills set in order to understand, assess and strategize cyber security assurance across ICS environment under his/her responsibility.

Course Insight

Time Schedule

Default schedule as per covered under our training agenda. Custom schedule can be agreed based on client’s request


Default location is in Bandung, West Java (custom location as per request from client)

Training Method

Integrated approach between theoretical and practical with real case scenario and exposure to some of the methods and best practices related to ICS cyber security assurance based on industrial standards, company practices and experiences

All in One Course for ICS Cyber Security Assurance

This course is unique since it is combined most of the ICS cyber security courses under Fedco environment. The All-in-One course to cover the ICS cyber security management system, ICS cyber security reference model and defense-in-depth, ICS secure architecture and protection management, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing methodology and practice in ICS environment, the ICS cyber security assessment methodology and Final Report deliverable (including Risk Register development) plus the GRAND Workshop with its Emulation Lab to build strong learning experience and ready to go skills set in the world of ICS cyber security

More Information

For more detail training information, please contact us directly at fedco[at] and we will send our quotation based on your specific request (by default, this course is held only to cover one single organization)