ICS Security Controls and Risk Management

The Next Level of Advanced ICS Security Course

The risk is something that every organisation must face on their business operations. These risk may include operations risk, financial risk, safety risk, environmental risk, etc. Since the risk cannot be avoided, then the only way to face with it is by controlling the risk into the as low as reasonably possible state. We called this approach as Risk Management.

The Risk Management is a single term that cover some processes that related to risk prevention, mitigation and controls including risk assessment, risk audit and stewardship.

In Industrial Control System (ICS) environment, the risk can also be in the form of safety risk (personal and organisational), operations risk (continuous operations and operations performance), financial risk (losses opportunity and cost incurred), environmental risk (spill, pollution, catastrophic incident such as fire explosion) and some other type of risk.

The Risk Management in ICS environment should be performed as the way to ensure the continuous operations of the business activities, since the ICS has the critical function related to the plant operations and performance.

“ICS Risk Management and Assessment” training cover the integrated concept and real work approach of the risk management framework, risk preparation phase, risk assessment workshop, mitigation and controls strategy, implementation and stewardship from the information security perspective (that also has integrated approach to HSE concern) in order to develop the robust controls security management to reduce the risk into ALARP level and maintain the risk on its “safety” operating window in ICS environment.

Course Goals

“Develop the capability to become the pioneer and leader on ICS Risk Management and Assessment with strong understanding on informations security in correlation to the ICS operations framework, able to perform the risk assessment, develop controls strategy, implement the plan, audit and steward the framework in the organization”

The Training Method

Integrated method that combine the concept and practical session through the workshop and case study that designed to provide the best approach to deliver the knowledge and experience to the training participants. It is expected that after the training completion, the participants will have good understanding on the ICS Risk Management framework in ICS security aspect, be able to perform ICS Risk Assessment, capable to strategies the controls strategy and lead the implementation and stewardship of the risk management activities within their organisation


More Information

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