IT Security Awareness

Shifting the Mindset, Developing the Cyber Security Culture

The IT security is the dynamic topic in current IT environment. The security culture and practices at the office should be established in order to bring the secure working environment. The value of being aware on IT security concern is expected to inspire our personal life as well.

The security awareness at each individual level within an organization will be the basis to develop the security culture that will drive the IT security implementation and assurance on the organization.

A periodic refreshment training on IT security awareness topic should be seen as one of the milestone to achieve the goal, to have proper cyber security culture that inspire the organization.

As an IT and ICS Security firm, we provide “IT Security Awareness Training” for IT and Non IT people. Intensive class, with ultimate goal is to build proper security mindset by using theoretical, games and workshop to strengthen the understanding.

The Course Goals

Building the cyber security culture in the organization is started from developing each individuals to understand the essence of having secure environment, at work, at home and at any place.
In a shorter words: “Build proper security mindset to each entities within the organization”

The Training Method

Theoretical content delivery + Game Session + Workshop

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More Information

For more detail training syllabus, including price and term condition, please review the detail syllabus on the following link: