ICS Cyber Security Controls Recommendation and Deployment

The Implementation Phase of ICS OT Cyber Security Assurance

The cyber security implementation on ICS OT environment is based on the results from several phases, such as: Asset Management, Risk Management, and Audit & Assessment phases. The implementation phase will require support from several resources, internal & external, in order to achieve the ICS OT Cyber Security Assurance as per requirement

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Integrated Action Items

Implementation of the required action items based on the important and urgency level of each items will be the main activities that should be performed on this phase

Resources Intensive Support

Management, engineering, operations & maintenance, IT, and other related parties should give the required support to successfully implement the security action items. Support from cross boundaries resources is critical to have

Stewardship and Sustainability Improvement

A periodic review of the implementation activities will drive the successful implementation of all required action items. The sustainability improvement will need to be ensured to accommodate the environmental changes to reflect the security risk that may threaten the company in the future

ICS OT Cyber Security Compliance

The ICS OT Cyber Security Compliance is a long journey to walk through since it requires a lot of resources, budget, effort, and willingness to secure the ICS OT environment as per the requirements and standards. Keep the pace and move forward, ensuring the cyber security assurance in the ICS OT environment is not just at the system level but also installed in the people’s mindset. Therefore the security culture will be developed, and we can always to our best to ensure¬†“Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked”

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