The Essentials of Industrial Control System Engineering

Learn Deeper against ICS Engineering

The soul of the plant business operations, the core system that drive the function of safety and controls of the plant, and also the central of the financial performance accountability of the custody transfer operations of the plant, it is the Industrial Control System, abbreviated to ICS, that has this critical functionality to ensure the plant operations keep on its best performance.

ICS itself consist of several system entities that each of them has correlation to the other system. DCS, SCADA and PLC, are commonly known as the process control platform, while DMC is operate on top them as the additional system that can help to meet the tight end product specification, meanwhile SIS is being used for the safety system that perform independently from process control to ensure the safety window operations for the entire plant, at the last system is flow computer as the measurement system mainly for the custody transfer application emphasize as the financial point of sales.

Course Goals

“To develop good understanding and fundamental knowledge regarding the ICS environment (Process Instrumentation, Communication Framework, DCS, SIS, SCADA, PLC, DMC and Flow Computer)”

The Training Method

The concept of the training is designed to ensure the delivery of the contents that will be suitable for IT engineer, process engineer, mechanical engineer, instrument and control engineer, plant operator, supervisor, maintenance technician and any other professional that willing to have good and strong understanding regarding the whole ICS environment as one of the method to deliver optimally in the daily working activities. The training also designed properly so the participants can also explore their knowledge and experience in some game sessions and case study workshops in order to practice the learning process and also to align the training class with the real working environment that will be faced after the training completion.

The Coverage

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More Information

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