Control System Engineering

Control System Engineering

Control System Engineering

  • control system engineering

What is Control System Engineering

The control system engineering is one of the engineering sub-major field study that usually reside under the electrical engineering major.

The concern of the control system engineering is related to the controls theory, controls framework, PID controller, fundamental of controls concept, open loop, close loop, feedback control, batch control, cascade control, and some other fundamental discipline in control system engineering. It also cover the introduction of the control system framework such as DCS, PLC, RTU, MTU, SCADA through some lab exposure depending on the level of infrastructure on each university.

The expectation of the graduated student from the control system engineering is to have fundamental understanding and technical exposure to the control system framework including its basic concept that can be used for technological development or application at the real work environment.

Nowadays, since the integration of the control system with the IT environment has so blended, the control system engineer should also understand the fundamental of the IT engineering as well. Especially where the major automation control system principle has developed the integrated system on their control system product, such as DCS framework with common protocol and COTS framework, the use of Windows OS and common application that being used also in IT environment, this is also bring more risk into the control system environment, the security risk.

That is why control system engineering also needs to collaborate the IT engineering especially in security aspect in order to equip the graduates to become more ready to implement and optimise the concept and knowledge in the real work environment


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