Towards Indonesia’s ICS OT Cyber Security National Standard

Towards Indonesia’s ICS OT Cyber Security National Standard

Indonesia has a huge potential to becoming the bigger player in Global Economy and Leader in Energy Sustainability due to its hidden potential. The Critical Infrastructure in Indonesia plays vital function to ensure the country’s national resilience. The critical infrastructure in Indonesia is varies to cover several aspects, such as: oil and gas, power, petrochemical, manufacturing, food and beverage, mining, water and waste water, etc..

The regulation to govern the cyber security assurance across all critical infrastructure should be viewed as one of a must thing to have. Since this regulation will enforce all related parties to have standardized level of cyber security assurance especially related to the Industrial Control System (ICS) / Operational Technology (OT).

Therefore as part of the milestone to develop stronger fundamental of cyber security in Indonesia, BSSN with BSN already published several standards related to cyber security. On this year, year 2023, they plan to develop a specific ICS OT cyber security standard as part of the assurance strategy to protect Indonesia’s critical infrastructure.

The Technical Committee 35-04 (Komite Teknis 35-04), as the committee to develop the information security, cyber security, and privacy protection, has assigned several persons to join this committee. The 15 people filled in this technical committee in the beginning of January 2023 is a well-defined milestones to rolled on the new journey of establishing certain technical standards in cyber security assurance.

One of the target of this committee is to develop the ICS OT cyber security standard, as one of its priority, alongside with the other standards related to information security, cyber security, and privacy protection.

Our Principle ICS OT Cyber Security Consultant, Auditor, and Trainer, Mr. Pedro Wirya, has been selected as one of the member of the Technical Committee 35-04. Together we can collaborate and create more secure and reliable ICS OT environment in term of safety and security, by having the Indonesia’s ICS OT cyber security national standard as the umbrella for all critical infrastructure across the country.

Let’s hope that Indonesia will be one of the leading country in term of critical infrastructure protection and assurance in the future, as part of the national resilience, to bring this country into its better position as the global player.


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