Industrial Control System Security Assurance Lifecycle

Industrial Control System Security Assurance Lifecycle

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The Industrial Control System security assurance milestone is a lifecycle that should be performed in order to achieve the secure ICS environment and maintain its security level in the proper status. ICS security assurance lifecycle consist of three main entities, where each of it has specific activities that belong into it. Following is the summary of the activities in each step of ICS security assurance lifecycle

ics security lifecycle

Step 1 – Preparation

1.a. Team Development

1.b. Information Gathering

1.c. Guidance and Reference

1.d. Schedule and Charter

Step 2 – Core Activities

2.a. Asset Inventory Management

2.b. Risk Assessment, Controls Catalog and Strategic Action

2.c. System Assessment, Implementation and Compliance against ICS-CS Management System

Step 3 – ICS Security Sustainable Performance

3.a. Audit and Stewardship

3.b. Sustainability Improvement

3.c. Continuous Enhancement

Fedco ICS Security Assurance service is covering the Core Activities of ICS Security Assurance Project to the client that required this service. We can do full ICS security audit and assessment (by using Non Destructive approach – without Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) or partial ICS security assessment (with the selected ICS environment object, such as DCS only, SCADA only, etc.). With more stringent requirement and agreement with the client, we can also cover the ICS security audit and assessment (full or partial) by integrating the activities with the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (but sure this option should go through the detail and careful walk through prior to agreement and execution).

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