Why Us

The Urgency of ICS Cyber Security Assurance

The concern of Industrial Control System (ICS) or as known as Operational Technology (OT) has getting up and up in this decade due to the increasing cyber risk and attack that has been recorded across the globe, targeting the ICS environment. The risk of cyber attack could come from internal and external. Meanwhile the external threats becoming quiet significant in this decade with the worse impact as the consequence.

Your ICS Cyber Security Partner

Our core competencies are being developed with a focus in ICS Cyber Security segment, through wide and deep technical experience, covering the ICS Cyber Security planning into implementation, ICS Cyber Security Audit and Assessment, and continuous improvement assurance as part of our integrated solutions to our clients.

We grow up in ICS environment, exposed in-depth to ICS Operations & Maintenance, feeling the sense of being a part of ICS environment itself, performing several activities related to ICS Cyber Security assurance to ensure production operations and safety performance.

We are ICS Cyber Security consultant firm by experience, instead of just being an IT security consultant that jumps into ICS environment and copy-pastes the common IT security methods to be applied into this object.

We are using our capability to provide the best solutions that cover the whole critical aspect in the ICS environment, to ensure the safety and security of the ICS environment.

ICS Cyber Security Assurance Solutions

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Portfolio and Clients


  • ICS Cyber Security Program Design and Development
  • ICS Asset Inventory and Criticality Assessment and Management
  • ICS Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management
  • ICS Cyber Security Audit and Assessment (Maturity Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Non-Intrusive Monitoring, and Assessment)
  • Industrial Standards and Best Practices References/Compliance (NIST SP 800-82, ISA 99/IEC 62443, API STD 1164, NIST SP 800-53, etc.)
  • ICS Cyber Security Risk Register, Audit Closed Out Action, and Security Controls Management (Strategy Development, Recommendation, Deployment, and Continuous Improvement)

Sharing sessions through offline discussion panel, seminar, webinar, discussion, and as an expert guest speaker to share the value of ICS Cyber Security Assurance around the globe

List of Clients

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Because We are Your Partner in ICS Cyber Security Assurance

Fedco International is a consultant and training provider firm with core competence in the Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Assurance field of services. The core services that being offered consist of two categories, the ICS Cyber Security consultancy and solutions (covering the ICS Cyber Security assurance lifecycle activities) and ICS Cyber Security technical courses


Let's Us Do The Hardest Part

We provide the Integrated ICS Cyber Security Assurance services and solutions covering the Core Activities of ICS Cyber Security Assurance life cycle process, starting from the development of ICS Cyber Security Program, deploying Asset Inventory & Criticality Assessment & Management, performing ICS Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management, Executing ICS Cyber Security Audit & Assessment, and ensuring the Implementation, Stewardship & Monitoring