SCADA Security Training – Certified vs. Non Certified Courses

SCADA Security Training – Certified vs. Non Certified Courses

SCADA Security Training – Certified vs. Non Certified Courses

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There are several courses available to cover the SCADA ICS security segment, at least there are two types of courses that being offered globally, the certified (vendor or certification body certified) and non certified courses.

Fedco as one of the SCADA ICS security consultant and training provider also cover the SCADA security training, we cover both types of courses, the global certified courses and non certified courses, it depends on the participant objective for their future needs.

The global certified course that Fedco covers titled “Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional”, accredited by one of the well know certification body for personal training provider and organization, PECB. This course has some milestone before the granted candidate can get his certified lead scada security professional title, the first thing that he should passed is the 4 days training, followed by exam in the day 5th. The exam passed result is a must requirement for those who has willingness to continue their certification process. Please see more explanation on how to get certified as the lead scada security professional on the following Certified Lead SCADA Security Professional.

Meanwhile, the non certified course that provided by Fedco titled “Industrial Control System Cyber Security Management System”, covered the fundamental into advanced aspects of being the next leader in the ICS security assurance. The course is designed to develop the SME either from Instrument Control Engineering or IT Security Engineering background to become the professional that can lead the development, deployment, audit and sustainability activities related to the SCADA ICS security. Several integrated workshops and real case exposure that will help the participant to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the SCADA ICS security assurance. For more detail information regarding the training coverage and our portfolio on this course, please find the information on the following ICS Cyber Security Management System.


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